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Power Inverter for Solar System

P4000 inverter is our main and traditional pure sine wave power inverter.pure aluminum casing,solid and reliable in texture,with fantastic dispation.

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Product Details

power inverter for solar system

1.Product introduction of the power inverter for solar system

P4000 power inverter is our 4000W pure sine wave power inverter,its input & output fully isolated,has the remote control function and 5m wire with switcher optional,its surge power can reach 8000W in few seconds,most suitable for heavy inductive loads like motors,air conditioner and microwave oven ect.

2.Product parameter (specification) of power inverter for solar system



Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Rated power


Surge power


Output voltage


Output frequency


Input voltage


USB port

5V 500mA/2.1A(alternative)

For 48V input, no USB

Remote control





18 months






Gift box; 2pcs/22.2Kgs/CTN; 59.5*32*38.5cm

Packing list

1 * 4000W Power Inverter;
     1 * User Manual;
     Spare fuse; DC connect cable*2 sets

3.Product feature and application of power inverter for solar system

-High Surge: high surge current capability starts difficult loads such as TVs,camps,motors and other inductive loads,

-Grouding earth protection: There is grounding terminal in front of panel, you can grounding the inverter for more safety concern.

-Soft start : smooth start-up of the appliances.

-Pure sine wave output waveform : clean power for sensitive loads.

-AC output identical to, and in some cases better than the power supplied by your utility

-Cooling fan in the inverter is thermally activated and comes on when the inverters becomes warm,and turns off automatically after the inverter has cooled.

-Low total harmonic distortion : below 3%

-Two LED indicators on the front panel shows the working and failure state.


1. Do you offer OEM service?         

a) Yes, we have many OEM customers.

2. Do you offer ODM service?        

a) From negotiation to proudction. If you are interested, I can show you the process and costs.

3. How much will the moulds cost?        

a) We can provide you with a quote once we confirm all the details.   

4. Tell me about your warranty.        

a) Depending on the products, we offer 1.5 or 2 year warranties. I will be happy to show you're the process, if you are interested.

5. Customer claims the faulty items, about the faulty description.

a) Customer provides serial number, photos or videos of the faulty items,

b) Our Q&C department check the photos and videos, then we will reply within 72hours during working days.

c) Depending on the situation, we will ship replacement part or replacement units."

6. What kind of technical supports you can offer?        

We can offer 4 parts of technical supports:

a) Once you make order, we provide install-guide video, service manual and technical data.For regular customers, we can post-sales engineers to your company to train your engineers for repair.

b) Depending on the volume of business, we can provide training for your staff in our facility at our cost.

c) Customers can return the faulty items once a year for repairing during the warranty."

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