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MPPT Charge Controller

10A 12 24V auto MPPT solar charge controller

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Product Details

MPPT charge controller

1.Product introduction of the MPPT  charge controller

MPPT Series solar charge controller charge the battery with high efficiency. It is affected by the ambient temperature and the intensity of sunshine,intelligently detect the voltage of solar panel and regulate the solar panel output voltage to make it work at the maximum power point of V-A curve.

2.Product parameter (specification) of MPPT  charge controller



Nominal voltage

12/24V DC

Max. charging current


Battery type





24 months






Gift box; 18pcs/16.2Kgs/CTN; 41.5*40*27cm

Packing list

1 * 12/24V 10A Controller;

1 * User Manual;

Spare fuse

3.Product feature and application of MPPT charge controller  

Product Features:

-Tracking efficiency is high as 99%,the solar power has never been used so efficiently.

-LCD digital display function offers a convenience to understand the working status in every stage timely

-Monitor and control the working status of the system and the battery

-Applicable for various types of batteries

-Step up function enable it to charge when PV voltage as low as 10V/20VDC

-Protection: temperature compensation, overload, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, lightning, reverse polarity

As we all know, solar panels have an IV curve, which represents the output performance of the solar panel, which represents the current voltage value. The voltage and current indicated by the intersection of the two lines is the power of this solar panel. Unfortunately, the IV curve changes with irradiance, temperature, and age. Irradiance is the density of a given surface radiation event and is typically expressed in watts per square centimeter or watt per square meter. If the solar panel does not have mechanical sun-tracking capability, the irradiance in a year will change by approximately plusmn: 23 degrees with the movement of the sun.

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