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12/24V Solar Charge Controller

Solar charger controller is one of the most important part in the solar home system.

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12/24v solar charge controller

1.Product introduction of the 12/24v solar charge controller

The solar charger controller is one of the most important parts of a solar home system. ENS12 / 24V-5A is suitable for 120W solar panel's maximum power, good heat dissipation effect and high efficiency.

2.Product parameter (specification) of 12/24v solar charge controller



Nominal system voltage

12/24V auto.detection

Max. battery voltage


Rated charge current


Rated discharge current


Charge circuit voltage


Disharge circuit voltage drop


Low voltage disconnect


Low voltage reconnect voltage


Case protection







2 years


Yellow box: 80pcs/CTN,52*32*36cm

Packing list

1*5A Solar Charge Controller

1*User manual

3.Product feature and application of  12/24v solar charge controller 

-12/24 automatic identification.

- High-efficiency series PWM charging increases battery life and improves solar system performance.

- Use MOSFET as electronic switch without any mechanical switch.

- Tantalum and lead-acid sealed battery types are optional.

- Electronic protection: overheating, overcharge, overdischarge, overload and short circuit.

- Reverse polarity protection: Any combination of solar modules and batteries.

- Easy to set up and operate. Suitable for small solar systems.

- Automatic management of solar panels and batteries in the solar system.

compared with conventional energy sources such as coal and oil, solar radiation has the following advantages: 

(1) universality.

There are solar energy everywhere on the earth. There is no need to look for it everywhere, to transport it, to get it easily. 

(2) harmless.

Using solar energy as energy, there is no waste residue, waste material, waste gas and waste water discharge. There is no noise, no pollution, no pollution, clean and clean.
(3) long term.

As long as there is the sun, there is solar energy, so solar energy can be said to be inexhaustible and inexhaustible. 

4) huge.

The total amount of solar radiation reaching the ground in one year is tens of thousands of times higher than the total energy consumed by the earth today.

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