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PWM Solar Controller 24 48V

20A 24 48V auto PWM low self consumption battery charge controller

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Product Details

PWM solar controller 24 48V

1.Product introduction of the PWM solar controller 24 48V

ENS2448-20D is a 20A PWM solar charge controller,it adopts different charge way based on different batteries and the environment,double solar panel inputs applied makes more reliable,the bottom aluminum radiation make its work properly.

2.Product parameter (specification) of PWM solar controller 24 48V



Nominal voltage

24/48V auto. switch

Max.Charging current


Battery type





24 months






Gift box

Packing list

1*20A Solar Charge Controller,1*User Manual

3.Product feature and application of PWM solar controller 24 48V 

-24/48V auto.detection system voltage.

- LCD display one main window and 7 different sub windows.

- The constant voltage charge, low voltage disconnect and reconnect data settable by user.

- Full electronic protection.

- High efficiency.

- Dual terminal for solar panel input.

- Battery type: GEL, AGM and solar battery etc


1 What is your production capacity for inverters?

It's about 200,000 units per year.  

2 What is the difference between PWM and MPPT charge controller?

"PWM charge controllers rely on an older technology. These controllers work to match the voltage from the solar panels to battery's voltage by pulling down the panel's voltage,  in doing so, it lowers the efficiency of the energy to about 80% of the theoretical maximum.

MPPT is a newer technology designed for extracting maximum energy from the solar panel, by maintaining the highest possible voltage from the panel. It can achieve high efficiency rate of 98%."  

3 What is the lead time?

It depends on quantity. Usually 7days for sample, 30 working times for batch order.

4 Do you offer OEM service?

Yes, we have many OEM customers.

5 Do you have offices in Shenzhen?

Yes, we have a R&D center in Baoan, Shenzhen.It is mainly for hardware designing.

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