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Solar Street Light Charge Controller

CARSPA solar street light charge controller is high quality light regulator for street light with certified by CE/RoHS.

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solar street light charge controller

1.Product introduction of the solar street light charge controller

CARSPA solar street light charge controller is high quality light regulator for street light with certified by CE/RoHS. It can connect with 360W solar panel and convert 15A current to batteries.

2.Product parameter (specification) of solar street light charge controller






Normal system voltage

12/24V DC auto. work

Maximum battery voltage


Rated charge current





Charge circuit voltage drop

≤ 0.26V

Discharge circuit voltage drop




NTTV(night time threshold voltage)

12V system: 5V; 24V system: 10V

DTTV(daytime threshold voltage)

12V system: 6V; 24V system: 12V

Temperature compensation coefficient(TEMPCO)*

-30Mv/°C/12V( 25°C ref)
     Compensation of equalization, boost, float and low voltage disconnect voltage.

Working temperature

-35°C to +55°C

Storage temperature

-35°C to +80°C


10%-90% NC



Overall dimension


3.Product feature and application of solar street light charge controller

-The design of IP22 level and ABS shell helps effectively prevent fire and good cooling. 

-12 V/24 V system voltage.

-LED numeric display.

-An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm applies an equalizing charge to the battery every week, effectively preventing the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration and therefore extending the battery's service life.

-Up to 18 kinds of load working modes facilitate the product's application to different types of road lamps and monitoring devices.

-Charging program options are available for sealed, GEL and flooded lead-acid batteries and ternary-material lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries. 

-An external temperature sensor helps deliver high-precision temperature compensation. 
-Parameter settings of power-down saving functions eliminate the trouble of repeated settings, making operation easy and convenient. 

-Various kinds of state indicators. 

-Overcharge, over-discharge and overload protection, as well as short-circuit and reverse-connection protection.


1 Where is your factory located?

Our factory is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It's about 1100 kilometers from Shenzhen. There are direct flights and high-speed trains between Wenzhou and Shenzhen, two and a half hours by plane and 8 hours by high-speed train. Or, if you are coming from Shanghai, it is only about 450 kilometers, 1 hour flights, 3 hours and a half hours high-speed train ride. You are very welcome to visit our factory. If you are interested in, I will be more than happy to assist you in making the arrangement.

2 How many employees does your factory have?

Currently, we have about 120 employees.

3 What is your yearly revenue?

It's about 80 million RMB, The average growth of our annual revenue is about 10%.    

4 What is your production capacity for inverters?

It's about 200,000 units per year.  

5 What products do you offer?

"CARSPA sells electric power related products, such as off-grid inverters, charge controllers, and battery chargers, and we also provide services for solutions to customer's unique situations and requirements. 

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