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Lead Acid Battery Charger

12/24V auto. Switch battery charger good for the battery.

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Lead acid battery charger

1.Product introduction of the Lead acid battery charger

ENC1220 Battery Charger is an intelligent charger. Automatically adjust the charge voltage to reach high charge efficiency (over 87%).

2.Product parameter (specification) of Lead acid battery charger

3 stage battery charger.png3.Product feature and application of Lead acid battery charger 

Automatic 3stage charge: gives the battery complete refreshing, high-efficiency charging process longer the life of battery.

LED: indicates different charge status, charging voltage, current, overheat protection.

Portable& stylish: designed by reliable high frequency technology with smaller size


1: Can I get one for sample?
Sure, sample order or trial order is warmly welcomed for testing out good quality.

2: What's the price and MOQ?
They are based on your detailed inquiry. Please send us inquiry. We’ll reply within 24 hours, and let you know the latest price and MOQ.

3: What's the delivery time?
It depends on your quantity, but usually, 7 days for sample order, 30-45 days for batch order.

4: How many engineers are there in your company?        

We have 12 engineers in Wenzhou, 5 engineers in Shenzhen.

5: Do you have offices in Shenzhen?        

Yes, we have a R&D center in Baoan, Shenzhen. It is mainly for hardware designing.

6: How long will it take to develop a new product?        

Usually it takes about 60days to develop a new product.

7.Useful information about the 3 stage battery charger

Stage 1 | Bulk Charge

The primary purpose of a battery charger is to recharge a battery. This first stage is typically where the highest voltage and amperage the charger is rated for will actually be used. The level of charge that can be applied without overheating the battery is known as the battery's natural absorption rate. For a typical 12-volt AGM battery, the charging voltage going into a battery will reach 14.6-14.8 volts, while flooded batteries can be even higher. For the gel battery, the voltage should be no more than 14.2-14.3 volts. If the charger is a 10-amp charger, and if the battery resistance allows for it, the charger will put out a full 10 amps. This stage will recharge batteries that are severely drained. There is no risk of overcharging in this stage because the battery hasn't even reached full yet.

Stage 2 | Absorption Charge

Smart chargers will detect voltage and resistance from the battery prior to charging. After reading the battery the charger determines which stage to properly charge at. Once the battery has reached 80%* state of charge, the charger will enter the absorption stage. At this point most chargers will maintain a steady voltage, while the amperage declines. The lower current going into the battery safely brings up the charge on the battery without overheating it.

This stage takes more time. For instance, the last remaining 20% of the battery takes much longer when compared to the first 20% during the bulk stage. The current continuously declines until the battery almost reaches full capacity.

Stage 3 | Float Charge

Some chargers enter float mode as early as 85% state of charge but others begin closer to 95%. Either way, the float stage brings the battery all the way through and maintains the 100% state of charge. The voltage will taper down and maintain at a steady 13.2-13.4 volts, which is the maximum voltage a 12-volt battery can hold. The current will also decrease to a point where it's considered a trickle. That's where the term "trickle charger" comes from. It's essentially the float stage where there is charge going into the battery at all times, but only at a safe rate to ensure a full state of charge and nothing more. Most smart chargers do not turn off at this point, yet it is completely safe to leave a battery in float mode for months to even years at a time.

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