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Portable Battery Charger

CARSPA 12V/10A portable battery charger is 3 stage that can prevent battery from over-charge or over-discharge.

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Product Details

portable battery charger

1.Product introduction of the portable battery charger

CARSPA 12V/10A portable battery charger is 3 stage that can prevent battery from over-charge or over-discharge. It is bulk current, absorption, floating charge that extend the battery’s life.

2.Product parameter (specification) of portable battery charger



Input voltage

AC110V(90-165V) or 220V(190-265V)

Output voltage


Max. charging current


Suggested battery capacity


LED indicator

3 LED indicators for different charge status

Battery type

All rechargeable lead acid battery






2 years


Gift box: 20pcs/CTN, 57*32*47.5cm

Packing list

1*10A Battery Charger


1*User Manual

3.Product feature and application of portable battery charger 

Three stage automatic charging: constant current, constant voltage, floating charge voltage

LED: indicate different charging States, charging voltage, current, overheat protection.

5 major electrical protection: to ensure the safety of your family and your family

The temperature sensor is optional: the charging voltage is regulated according to the temperature of the battery.

Compact and reliable: designed by a fashionable aluminum case with better cooling efficiency.

Open / turn switch: control charger with hand.

Suitable for lead-acid battery.

The principle of the ordinary three stage charger

The ordinary three stage lead-acid battery charger is charged as follows:

(1) during the constant current charging stage, the charging current of the charger keeps constant, the charging power increases rapidly, and the battery voltage rises.

(2) during the constant voltage charging stage, the charging voltage of the charger keeps constant, the charging power continues to increase, the battery voltage rises slowly, and the charging current decreases.

(3) the battery is full, the charging current drops to below the floating charge conversion current, and the charger charging voltage drops to the floating charge voltage.

The charging voltage of charger is maintained as floating charge voltage during charging stage.

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