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12/24V Auto Battery Charger

CARSPA 12/24V-60A multi-function battery charger is very intelligent for AGM, GEL, Flooded battery with stable working status.

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12/24V auto battery charger

1.Product introduction of the 12/24V auto battery charger

CARSPA 12/24V-60A multi-function battery charger is very intelligent for AGM, GEL, Flooded battery with stable working status. It can charge a 300Ah battery in 5hours with 3 stage: constant current, constant voltage and floating charge.

2.Product specifications of 12/24V auto battery charger

7 stage battery charger.png

3.Product feature and application of 12/24V auto battery charger 

-Automatic 7 stage charge: good to expand the lifetime of your battery

-LED: indicates different charge status, charging voltage, current, overheat protection.

-12/24V automatically detected.

-5 strong electric protections: guarantee the safety of you and your family

-Temperature sensor optional: adjusts the charge voltage according to the temperature of the battery.

-Portable& stylish : designed by reliable high frequency technology with smaller size

-Compact & Reliable: designed by stylish aluminum case with better cooling efficiency

-ON/OFF switch: easy to switch on or off by one button

4.How do I choose a Lead Acid Battery Charger?

a).General use for battery

Identify the correct voltage you need (typically this will be 6V, 12V or 24V)

To find a suitable charger we recommend you choose an output current which is no lower than C/10, where C is the capacity of your lead acid battery. For example if you have a 20Ah battery, you should be looking for a charger with an output current of at least 2A

If you need any more advice on choosing the right Battery Charger or free technical advice, please get in touch. If you need a quote for large quantities of Lead Acid Battery Chargers, please find the product you wish to enquire about and leave your messages on the below form.


If you know what sort of charging you want to do, there are just a couple of things to think about when picking a battery charger:

Engine size - How big is your engine? A bigger engine needs a bigger battery, which in turn needs a more powerful charger! Check that your charger is suitable for the size of your engine.

Battery type - What kind of battery have you got? Lead acid batteries work with all kinds of battery charger as long as they're suitable, but if you have a gel or calcium battery, or an AGM/EFB normally found in cars with stop/start functions.

So, there you have it - a quick guide to car battery chargers. Make sure that the charger is right for the job that you want, and that it's compatible with your battery, and you're good to go! Head over to our range for more information.

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