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12V Battery Charger

20A 12V Carspa 7 stage battery charger can charge Li battery

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Product Details

12V battery charger

1.Product introduction of the 12V battery charger

This charger has 7 stage charging process,and it is orginally designed by Carspa team,and the technology is brand new one,this 7 stages charging process makes the battery with a longer lifespan,the charging current is 20A,suitable for 200Ah battery well.

2.Product specifications

12V 20A battery charger.png

3.Product features

1. Automatic 7 stage charging: desulphation, soft start bulk, absorption, battery test, recondition and float

2. Suitable for all kinds of lead-acid battery; even lithium battery(set in factory)

3. Automatic 7 stage charge gives the battery complete refreshing, high-efficiency charging process longer the life of battery.

4. LCD: indicates different charge status, charging voltage, current, overheat protection.

5. Simple operation and maintenance

6. Temperature sensor optional: adjusts the charge voltage according to the temperature of the battery.

7. Strong & stylish : designed by reliable high frequency technology.

8. Protection: reverse polarity, output short-circuit, over current, over voltage, overload, over heat.


1: Can I get one for sample?

Of course,you can have a try our product to test its quality,then decide whether you need bulk quantity or not,sample is not free while if you could place order later we could give back the sample cost.

2: What's the price and MOQ?

Our MOQ is different according to different products,for more details,you can leave your message below,our sales representitive will give the answer within 2 hours.

3: What's the delivery time?

It depends on your quantity, but usually, 7 days for sample order, 30-45 days for batch order.

4:Where is your factory?

Our factory is near Yueqing station,about 500 meters distance,you can also reach at us at the following address:Carspa building,Xinhejia Industrial Zone,Baishi,Yueqing,Zhejiang,China 325604.

5.Some sugguestions when using the battery charger

Step 1: Choosing a Charger Based on Battery Type

Whether your battery is maintenance free, wet cell (flooded), AGM (absorbed glass mat), gel cell or VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid), one charger should work for all types except for gel cell. However, some of our gel cell chargers will work well with the other battery types.

Step 2: Determining Battery Size

We don’t mean physical size, but how many amp hours your battery stores. For example, a typical full-size auto battery is about 50 amp hours, so you would choose a 10 amp charger that would take about 6 hours to recharge it if the battery were completely dead. Another instance would be a marine deep cycle battery rated at 100 amp hours. It would take a 10 amp charger about 11 hours to recharge a dead battery to near 100% full charge. To calculate your total charge time, a good rule of thumb is to take the amp hour rating of the battery and divide by the charger rating (amps) and then add about 10% for the extra time to totally top off the battery.

Some folks wanting quick recharge should look for a charger with more amps. If you’re not in a hurry, you can select a smaller charger. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough charger power to do the job you require in the time you allocate.

Step 3: Choosing a Battery Charger Based on Desired Outcome


Some folks require a charger to keep their motorcycle, classic car, or aircraft battery charged during the offseason. In these cases, a simple low current charger will work fine. Others require a fast and powerful charger to quickly restore a trolling motor battery or a wheelchair battery set. Other types of chargers and the reasons you might need them:

MULTI VOLTAGE Input chargers for use when visiting a foreign country

Waterproof chargers for those times when you’re out in the elements

Chargers that double as power supplies for RV use

Multi-bank chargers for charging multiple batteries simultaneously

Hopefully, we’ve helped you figure out which is the best charger for your application.


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