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Charger for Battery

12V 40amp battery charger for lead acid battery gel battery

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Product Details

charger for battery

1.Product introduction of the charger for battery

 This is a 40A 7 stage intelligent battery charger,makes the charging process fast and safe it will automatically adjust the charge voltage to reach a high charge efficiency(over 87%).

2.Product parameters

12V 40A battery charger.png3.Product feature and application of charger for battery

EBC1240 Battery Charger is an intelligent charger. Makes the charging process fast and safely. Automatically adjust the charge voltage to reach a high charge efficiency(over 87%).

1)Dual charge outputs can charge 2 batteries at one time

2)Suitable for all kinds of lead-acid battery; even lithium battery(set in factory)

3)Automatic 7 stage charge: gives the battery complete refreshing, high-efficiency charging process longer the life of battery.

4)LED: indicates different charge status, charging voltage, current, overheat protection.

5)5 strong electric protections: guarantee the safety of you and your family

6)Temperature sensor optional: adjusts the charge voltage according to the temperature of the battery.

7)Strong & stylish : designed by reliable high frequency technology.


a) What is your production capacity for inverters?

It's about 200,000 units per year.

b) How is your quality?

CARSPA has successful implemented ISO9001 and a strict quality control process throughout the production process. In addition, we use ATE testing equipment for testing and we keep test data for as long as 5 years.

c) What is your MOQ?

Different products, different models have different MOQ. Usually 100pcs for inverters and chargers, 200pcs for controllers.

d) Which markets do your company sell to?

We have exported to more than 100 countries. Our biggest market is in Europe. We have many satisfied customers in Europe. Then in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Oceania, etc.

e) How much will the moulds cost?

We can provide you with a quote once we confirm all the details. 

5.Some advantages:

a)Automatic charging current 

b)Built-in battery desulfator system reconditions the battery as you charge

c)Digital current, voltage and battery capacity display

d)Built-in overcharge protection prevents battery from overcharging

e)Reverse polarity protection prevents battery damage if cables are connected incorrectly

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