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Truck Battery Charger

High charging efficiency 7 stage charger has good function for battery charging.

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Product Details

Truck battery charger


-7 automatic battery charger

- Desulfurization, soft start bulk, absorption, battery testing, repair and float.

- Automatic charging prevents overcharging of the battery. Therefore, you can connect the charger to the battery indefinitely.


-7 charging extends battery life and improves performance compared to using a conventional charger.

-The 7 level charger is suitable for most battery types, including calcium, gel, AGM and lithium batteries.

2.The parameters of truck battery charger

24V 10A 7 stage battery charger.png

3.Product features:

-Good performance in heatsink;

-Over temperature,over voltage,short circuit and reverse polarity protection;

-7 stage battery charger:different from most of chargers in the market,let it unique and this 7 stage could prelong the lifetime of your battery. 

4.Some useful information about this battery charger:

10 AMP Smart Charger for any 24 Volt AGM, Gel, SLA or Wet(FLA) batteries. Charges and maintains any lead-acid battery from 60Ah-200Ah

Float Voltage: 13.8V with Pulse Feature

The EBC2410 utilizes the latest technology in AGM, Gel and flooded lead-acid MC (Microprocessor Controlled) battery charging

The EBC2410 is ideal for use with 60-100AH batteries (4-15hr est. charging time), yet capable of charging up to 200AH batteries in 24 hours

Fully Automatic Smart AGM/GEL/SLA 10 Amp 7-Stage 24V Battery Charger. Charges, maintains, and reconditions your battery

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