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Multi-function inverter product features
- Jan 11, 2018 -

1 high load capacity, unlimited load, with load capacity

2. Quiet, high efficiency operation, machine efficiency is greater than 90%

3. Front panel LED + display display and adjustable switch selector

4. Optional set of lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, or glass fiber separator (AGM) batteries

5. Three-phase charging (high current charging, absorption, and float), effectively protect the battery

6 fast switch (mains and inverter output AC) backup power

7 The lower idle current (less than 10 watts) matches the generator and saves energy without load.

8 power is too low, overload, power is too high, short circuit, high temperature protection circuit

9. Enduring long life under extreme environmental conditions

10. High overload capacity can bear a relatively large load, in the case of overload can be stably processed circuit board coating can protect them from corrosion and improve service life reliability

11. Long-lasting powder coating, corrosion-resistant steel chassis

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