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Power frequency inverter
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Power frequency inverter first of all the DC inverter into a commercial frequency low voltage AC; and then step-by-step power transformer boosted into 220V, 50Hz AC for the load to use. Its advantage is simple structure, a variety of protection functions can be achieved at lower voltages. Because of the power frequency transformer exists between the inverter and the load, the inverter runs stably and reliably, has strong overload capacity and shock resistance, and can suppress the higher harmonic components in the waveform. However, the power frequency transformer also has the problem of bulky and high price, and its efficiency is relatively low. The current production level of small frequency inverter, the rated load efficiency is generally not more than 90%, at the same time as the power frequency transformer under full load and light load running iron loss is basically unchanged, so that it operates under light load No-load loss, efficiency is lower.