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Power inverter structure inside and outside parts
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Power inverter is a backup uninterruptible power supply. AC-side high-speed conversion, it is mainly completed by the DC to AC inverter, as well as mains AC and inverter AC high-speed conversion. Usually set according to the application of the main DC or AC main, static switch control high-speed switching.

The main internal structure of the power inverter is as follows:

Filter part: The input filter is used to filter the noise of the input DC power supply to obtain a smooth DC, which is sent to the inverter. Output filter to filter out the output of the exchange of harmonics and interference, so that the output is more stable.

Inverter part: the DC power into sinusoidal AC power.

Control part: Control the inverter power to follow the basic mains and keep the same phase and frequency with it, automatically adjust and make the power supply operate or protect according to the set protection value within the specified range.

Display part: the use of LCD and LED status simulation disk, accurately reflect the equipment running status and fault information.

Switching part: the bypass, mains and inverter output power automatically switch.

Power inverter outline structure is as follows:

Rack: also known as drawer, easy to install and wiring cabinet; cabinet installation more beautiful and more coordinated.

Vertical: also called floor.