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Solar street light controller working hours set
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Press the key for more than 3s, the digital tube begins to blink, and then the system will adjust the mode, and then release the key. Each time the key is pressed, the digital tube will change a number until the digital tube displays the number Select the mode corresponding to the figure, and other digital tube to stop flashing or press the button 3s or more to complete the set.

Manual Mode: This mode is where the user may press the buttons themselves to turn the load on and off regardless of whether it is day or night. This mode is used for occasions with special load or during debugging.

Debug mode: used for system debugging, the light will automatically shut down the load, automatically turn on the light load, to facilitate the installation and commissioning check the correctness of the system installation.

Normally open mode: the power load has been kept output state, this mode is suitable for the load needs 24 hours. Although the display method varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, their settings are the same as long as you set it against your manual.

Light control mode: When there is no sunlight, the light intensity will drop to the starting point. After confirming the starting signal by controller for 10 minutes, the load will be automatically turned on according to the setting parameters of the working mode, and the load starts to work. When there is sunlight, the light intensity Raise the starting point, the controller delay 10 minutes to confirm the signal is turned off and the output is off, the load stops working.

Light control + time control mode: set the time of 1 to 14 hours. Start-up and shutdown process and pure light control the same, when the load to set the time will automatically shut down.