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Some problems with centralized inverters
- Jan 11, 2018 -

As the name implies, the centralized inverter converts the DC power generated by the PV modules into AC power and boosts the power and grids. Therefore, the inverter power is relatively large. Photovoltaic power plants generally use more than 500kW centralized inverter.

(A) The advantages of a centralized inverter are as follows:

1. Power, less number, easy to manage; less components, good stability, easy to maintain;

2. Less harmonic content, high power quality; full protection, high safety;

3. There are power factor adjustment and low voltage ride through, grid regulation is good.

(B) the centralized inverter has the following problems:

1. Centralized inverter MPPT voltage range is narrow, can not monitor the operation of each component, it is impossible to make each component at the best working point, the component configuration is not flexible;

2. Centralized inverter covers an area of ?? large, requires a dedicated room, the installation is not flexible;

3. Own power consumption and ventilation of the room cooling power consumption.