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What is difference between PWM and MPPT?
- May 21, 2018 -

The solar controller in the market mainly consists of PWM solar controller and MPPT solar controller.

PWM solar controller is the second generation technology, now the most in the market, the way to use PWM control mode, compared with the ordinary solar controller, has improved a lot, can solve the problem of battery discontent, charge conversion efficiency of 75 to 80%, but the solar panel has not been fully utilized.

MPPT solar controller is the third generation of technology, the most high-end solar controller. The MPPT solar controller, which is a solar controller with "maximum power point tracking" (MaximumPowerPointTracking) function, is an upgrading product of the PWM solar controller. 

The MPPT solar controller can detect the voltage and current of the solar panel in real time, and keep tracking the maximum power (P=U*I) to make the system always With the maximum power to charge the battery, the MPPT tracking efficiency is 99%, the system power generation efficiency is up to 97%, and the battery has excellent management. It is divided into MPPT charging, constant voltage average charge and constant pressure floating charge. With the progress of technology and energy conservation, the trend of MPPT solar controller replacing traditional PWM solar controller is irreversible.