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What is power inverter?
- May 10, 2018 -

The inverter converts DC power (battery and storage battery) to power flow. It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. In areas with high penetration rate of vehicles, they can use the inverter to connect batteries to drive electrical appliances and various tools when going out for work or traveling. The vehicular inverters exported by cigarette lighter are 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W to 150W power specifications. A larger power inverter will be connected to the battery through the connecting line. Connecting household appliances to the output end of the power converter can use various electrical appliances in the car. 

The electric appliances that can be used are: mobile phone, notebook computer, digital camera, camera, illuminator, electric razor, CD machine, game machine, palm computer, electric tool, car refrigerator and various travel, camping, medical emergency appliances, etc.

power inverter components