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AC Power Inverter for Boat

CAR2.5K 2500W 12/24/48V 230V Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter converts DC power stored by deep-cycle batteries into AC electricity.

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Product Details

ac power inverter for boat

1.Product introduction of the ac power inverter for boat

CAR2.5K is a 2500W modified sine wave inverter that produces a modified sine wave that can run most of the tools and equipment, such as mobile and emergency backup power, for lights, fans, space heaters, coffee makers, etc. also to charge electronic equipment.

2.Product parameter (specification) of ac power inverter for boat

2500W modified sine wave power inverter specification.png
3.Product feature and application of ac power inverter for boat 

- 2500W continuous power 

- 5000W surge capacity (peak power)

- High Surge - Ground Fault Detection - Overload Indicator - Low Noise Fan

- Dual AC outlet

- Optional on/off remote control

- Load control or temperature control cooling fan

- AC input/output hardwire terminals

- 7 protections: overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit, reverse polarity, leakage


If the vehicle is stationary, can the inverter work? Where does the input power supply come from? 

In the static state, the inverter can not use the inverter to work. When the electric appliance is lower than 150W, the output power can be obtained directly from the outlet of the cigarette lighter. When it is higher than 200W, a special clamp line should be used to connect the battery battery to obtain the power supply.                                    

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