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Digital Power Inverter

Full power modified sine wave power inverter for home usage.

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Product Details

digital power inverter

1.Product introduction of the digital power inverter

2500W modified sine wave power inverter, with this device; you can generate 230VAC alternating voltage from 12VDC and operate many household appliances with 230 V nominal voltage.

2.Product parameter (specification) of digital power inverter

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The development of power electronics technology is driven by power switching devices. Each breakthrough in power semiconductor technology will trigger a revolution in power electronics technology and applications. The performance of the inverter has also been greatly improved with the development of power semiconductor technology. Early inverters used thyristors as power switching devices, but a commutation unit circuit consisting of capacitors and inductors had to be designed for each SCR, which made the inverter system bulky and bulky. By the 1980s, the emergence of power devices with controlled turn-off capabilities such as power MOSFETs (MOSFETs), insulated gate transistors (IGBTs), MOS-controlled thyristors (MCTs), etc., eliminated the need for commutation circuits, reducing The power converter's volume improves dynamic performance and increases reliability.

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