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Marine Power Inverter

CAR300 inverter converts the 12V/24VDC power to 110V/220V AC power, and supply power for AC home appliances.

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Product Details

marine power inverter

1.Product introduction of the marine power inverter

The CARSPA 300W power inverter is a 300W modified sine wave power inverter,it has a small size with compact design,and the output socket could be UK,Germany,Australia ect. sockets,when you are out of your office,there will be no grid power availble,so you can use this power inverter to get the AC power,notice this one is not suitable for motor type load use 

2.Product parameter (specification) of marine power inverter 

300W car power inverter.png3.Product feature and application of marine power inverter 

- Ultimate automotive power inverter for road trips, holidays, outdoors, emergency toolkits and more for your vehicle.

- equipped with 1 AC sockets for charging larger equipment, such as notebook computers and tablet computers, and 2.1A USB ports, for quick charging.

Travel size design is ideal for vacation, work travel, camping. Equipped with a universal lighter plug and 24 inch long cable, almost insert any vehicle.

- safe charging design provides protection, overheating, under voltage and over voltage charging, short circuit, overload and over charging.

If the vehicle is stationary, can the inverter work? Where does the input power supply come from? 

In the static state, the inverter can not use the inverter to work. When the electric appliance is lower than 150W, the output power can be obtained directly from the outlet of the cigarette lighter. When it is higher than 200W, a special clamp line should be used to connect the battery battery to obtain the power supply.

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