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Mini Power Inverter for Tablet

CAR600 600W Modified Sine Wave Inverter with car cigarette lighter cable is ideal for travel by vehicle.

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Product Details

mini power inverter for tablet

1.Product introduction of the mini power inverter for tablet

The CAR600 is our 600W modified sine wave inverter. The built-in battery-clamp cable can convert DC power from battery power to AC power to operate a variety of lights, kitchen appliances, televisions, radios, and computers. Full protection - overheating, undervoltage and overvoltage charging, short circuit, overload and reverse polarity, earth leakage.

2.Product parameter (specification) of mini power inverter for tablet

600W modified sine wave power inverter.png3.Product feature and application of mini power inverter for tablet 

-Real and full output power,factory directly to client without the 3rd distributor; 

-CE, RoHS, E-mark certification,and we could also corperate client to develop other certificates as well;

-5 strong protection ensures safety for you and your family:over voltage protection,short circuit protection,reverse polarity protection,earth leakage protection,overload protection;

-Load control cooling fan intelligent power saving;

- Classic frequency converters with new side plates are more reliable and safer;

- Well-structured internal components, PCB guarantees quality.


1. How does the inverter overheat protection?

If the inverter's internal temperature or ambient temperature is too high, the inverter will automatically stop the output of temperature protection to ensure the safety of the electrical equipment.

2. How does the inverter protect the battery overvoltage? 
When the DC input voltage exceeds the normal value range, the inverter will shut down automatically and stop the output. If the voltage is too high, it may damage the machine.

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