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Off Grid Power Inverter

MS800 800W Modified DC to AC Power inverter directly connects to a 12 volt battery for instant 230 volt AC power.

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Product Details

off grid power inverter

1.Product introduction of the off grid power inverter

This is a 800W modified sine wave power inverter, which can supply power for TV, electronic equipment and other small appliances. This power inverter produces a convenient power supply and keeps the device active for several hours. It is equipped with a car charger and a pair of crocodile clips for easy use.

2.Product information:

s1.png3.Product feature and application of off grid power inverter 

-Improved imported components,all components are used new ones

-800 watts continuous power - 1600 watts surge capacity (peak power)

-Digital display is optional

-Temperature controlled cooling fan

-7 Protections: overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit, reverse polarity, earth leakage.

For modified sine wave: 

The output voltage waveform of the inverter is stepped wave. There are also many different lines for the step wave output of the inverter. The number of steps in the output waveform is very different.

The advantage of the step wave inverter is that the output waveform is obviously better than the square wave, and the content of the high order harmonic is reduced. When the ladder reaches more than 17, the output waveform can realize the quasi sinusoidal wave, and the efficiency of the machine is very high when the transformer is used.

The disadvantage is that there are more power switches used in stacked wave superimposed lines, and some of them also require multiple sets of DC power input. This brings trouble to the grouping and wiring of solar array and the equalization charging of batteries. Besides, the step wave voltage still has some high frequency interference to radio and some communication devices.

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