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Power Inverter 12V 220V

CAR4K with 4000w rated power and 8000w surge power make it perfectly work with a lot device.

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Power inverter 12v to 220v

1.Product introduction of the power inverter 12v to 220v

Carspa CAR4K is modified sine wave power inverter, with a lot kinds of protection: such as low  voltage alarm and protection, over load protection..the protection function will help to protect battery and inverter and loads.

2.Product parameter (specification) of power inverter 12v 220v

4000W modified sine wave power inverter with USB.png3.Product feature and application of power inverter 12v 220v 

CARSPA 4KW inverter It convert 12V/24V/48VDC to 100-120V/220-240VAC, you can power for your electric appliances which rated power less 4000W continuously.

4.Knowledage on the power inverter

What is a power inverter? How does it work? Why is there such a huge gap in prices? For inverters costing between 50 and a few thousand dollars, it's no wonder people are confused.

The power inverter converts a 12V DC power supply (for automotive applications) to a conventional 240V AC power source, allowing access to the main power source in the cable without a generator and without noise. Is it really great? Ok, a little bit.

Although the inverter can provide 240V power, it is not necessarily the same as the power point in our home. There are two forms of reverse power: a modified sine wave and a pure sine wave. This is important, especially today, as more and more appliances require pure sine waves (like your home's power supply).

Sine wave and are only suitable for lights, shavers or other basic electricals. Pure sine wave is appropriate for all reprogrammable devices — computer and camera batteries, medical equipment, etc.

Inverter size is measured in watts, and can vary from 100-2000W, or more. Most inverters are capable of outputting a higher wattage on start-up or peak power, but the ratings are based on the power they can continuously output. 

Bigger is not necessarily better, and your best course of action when deciding which to buy is to gather the appliances you most often want to use and note the watts required to run each one, which should be marked on the appliance. If what you need turns out to be a large number, it might be better to use a generator. 

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