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Power Inverter for Home Use

800W Power Inverter DC to AC Car Adapter with 2.1A USB Charging Port

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Product Details

Power inverter for home use

1.General product introduction of the power inverter for home use

The CAR800U-800W inverter converts 12V / 24V / 48V DC power into 110VAC or 220V AC and provides power for laptops, digital cameras, TVs, fans, refrigerators, game consoles, DVD / Blu-ray players and other appliances. GPS, lamps, etc. The 5V2.1A USB charging port makes this inverter ideal for charging mobile phones, tablets and other USB powered devices.

2.Product parameters:

800W modified sine wave power inverter.png3.Product 3.feature and application of power inverter for home use 

1) High-strength aluminum alloy case, small and stylish appearance.

2) CE, RoHS, E-mark certification.

3) Powerful shock protection ensures the safety of you and your family.

4) The load control cooling fan intelligently saves electricity.

5) The classic inverter with new side panel is more reliable and safer.

6) Well-structured internal components, PCB quality assurance.


1. How does pure sine wave work?

Pure wave is equivalent to that of commercial power, which can bring any electrical appliances, and is generally used for inductive loads. Electrical appliances with coils are called inductive loads, such as refrigerators, freezers, motors, compressors and so on, which are far more than rated power (about 3-7 times) at the moment of starting. For example, a refrigerator that consumes electricity about 150W when it is running, its starting power can reach up to 1000W.

2. Customer group of inverter power supply

  1. Home and outdoor lighting. Such as: TV, computer, rice cooker, electric fan, lighting and so on.

  2. Street lamps and lighting systems (wind energy, solar system)

  3. Cars, ships, ships, trains, etc.

  4. Electric power communications: machine station.

  5. Garden Hotel facilities

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