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Power Inverter for RV

3000 watts modified sine wave power inverter with USB port

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Product Details

Power inverter for Caravan and off-grid solar use

1.Product introduction of the power inverter for Caravan and off-grid solar use

The model CAR3K is our 3000W square wave power inverter

2.Product parameter (specification) of power inverter for rv

s1.png3.Product feature and application of power inverter for rv 

-Soft start function

-Average self-consumption when turned off is 0 watt

-good performance in reverse polarity protection

-Automatic shutdown in case of overload or short circuit

-Carspa most polular products

-Thick alluminum alloy case

-Certificates: Converters, CE, RoHS; E8 Production according to DIN ISO 9001: 2000.

Tip: cannot run for coffee or other inductive machines,if you want to operate them we sugguest to use our pure sine wave power inverter.


Inverter and battery and electrical appliances are not connected well, what will happen? 

The device will be shutdown and make the alarm.

What is the usage of the inverter?
The power of the battery can be converted into electricity when the power is cut down.


What is the difference between modified sine wave power inverter and pure sine wave power inverter?

A modified sine wave inverter can be used for simple systems that don’t have any delicate electronics or audio equipment that may pick up the choppy wave and produce a hum. Old tube TVs and motors with brushes are usually ok with modified sine wave. Your digital clock will likely act funky, and battery rechargers quite often just plain won’t work. Some equipment may seem to be working fine, but may run hotter than with a pure sine wave and reduce the life of it.

While pure sine wave is always needed for a grid tie system. It is generally needed for newer LED TVs, CFL light bulbs, and inductive loads like brushless motors. Clocks and audio equipment will behave much better on a pure sine wave.

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