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Power Inverter for Vehicle

600 watt modified sine wave car power inverter with USB port

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Product Details

power inverter for vehicle

1.Product introduction of the power inverter for vehicle

600W 12V 24V Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter provides safe electrical current for operating all kinds of electric lights,kitchen appliances, radio, computer, etc.

It features advanced technology with under/over-heating protection & cooling fan to prevent damage to your device and battery.

2.Product parameter (specification) of power inverter for vehicle

600W power inverter.png3.Product feature and application of power inverter for vehicle

-High intensity industrial-style Aluminum case

-Load controlled cooling fan intelligently saves power

-Classic inverter with new side panel, more reliable, more safe.

-Well structured internal parts, PCB guarantee the quality.

-Remote control is provided.

When the inverter works, the IGBT not only transmits interference to the AC but also transmits interference to the DC terminal. If there is no DC-side filter, the DC-side interference is directly transmitted to the panel through the cable. The interference will directly radiate into the air through the panel assembly, causing a wide range of spatial interference, which may cause interference to the airborne "aircraft" and nearby ground communications. The interference will directly affect the performance and life of the panel and reduce the efficiency of the panel.

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