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12V Power Inverter

700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 220V AC with USB 5V 2.1A

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12v power inverter

1.Product introduction of the 12v power inverter

The SK700 700 W pure sine wave power inverter converts AC10V/220V home sockets to 700 watts continuous DC power to keep it running for your laptop, TV, DVD player, game system, microwave, pump, and other electronic devices. Use remote control port to design open / turn power. The frequency 50 / 60Hz can also be switched through the DIP switch.

2.Product parameter (specification) of 12v power inverter

700W pure sine wave power inverter.png3.Product feature and application of 12v power inverter 

-CARSPA advantage: europe leading power inverter brand. Provides 700 watts continuous DC to AC power and 2100 watts of peak power.

-Energy save:equipped with 3-stage sleeping mode adjusted by dip switch.

-Full Protection: automatic overload and low-battery shutdown features to protect your connected equipment. 6 external fuses & built-in cooling fan, a red power switch signals status.

-Rugged construction allows power inverter stand up to harsh environments, ideal for use on road, at campsites, remote job sites or anywhere that AC power is needed.

-Battery clamps come along with the power inverter.

-LED digital display function optional.


1 What is your yearly revenue?        

It's about 80 million RMB, 15 million US dollars. The average growth of our annual revenue is about 10%.  

2 How many engineers are there in your company?

We have 12 engineers in Wenzhou, 5 engineers in Shenzhen.    

Energy is the main material basis for human survival and development. It is the blood of the world economy and an important factor affecting national security. With the development of social economy and the improvement of human living standard, the demand for energy is increasing worldwide. 

At present, the world's energy utilization is still dominated by coal, oil, natural gas, water and nuclear energy. However, fossil energy reserves are drying up, and a lot of carbon dioxide will be generated during the use of the fossil fuel, causing the greenhouse effect to make global warming. 


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