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12V to 220V Power Inverter

P1000 power inverter transforms the DC into AC power to enjoy the comforts as at home

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12VDC to 220VAC pure sine wave power inverter

1.Product introduction of the 12VDC to 220VAC pure sine wave power invert

This is our 1000W pure sine wave power inverter,it is most suitable for the inductive loads like motor,pump or microvave oven ect..

2.Product parameter (specification) of 12v to 220v power inverter

1000W pure sine wave power inverter.png3.Product feature and application of 12v to 220v power inverter

P1000 has 1000 Watt rated power and 2000 W surge power. It can be used for resistive load less than 1000 watts, conductive load less than 500 W, and magnetic load below 300 W.


1 When was Carspa founded?        

Carspa new energy is a company that built in 2004,we have 13 years power inverter manufacturing experience till present and we are buiding our new factory that located in Wenzhou near the Wenzhou airport,so it is convinient for our partner to visit there by plane.

2. What is the major function of power inverter?  

Power inverter can realize DC power to AC power,as we all know,we can get the sunshine power from the solar panel,while the power we got is the DC power,if you need the AC power,how you can do?now you could use the power inverter now to realize DC to AC source,

Conslusion 1: The load of the household system does not exceed 15% of the rated power of the inverter for most of the time. The inverter efficiency under small load state is decisive.

Conslusion 2: High frequency inverter achieves the highest efficiency when it reaches the rated power output. The power frequency inverter is very efficient when the power output is small.

Small tips for buying the inverter:When selecting an inverter, you must determine what your maximum wattage draw will be if all of your appliances that may be on at the same time, are on. If you have an 800W well pump, a 100W fridge, five 10W lights, and a 50W laptop, you need to add the wattages together to get at least a 1,000W inverter. You also have to make sure the inverter is able to handle the surge as motors turn on. For example, if your fridge and well pump both turned on at once, the surge could be three or four times the rated wattage. You must be sure the inverter can handle that. Inverters are rated in both continuous wattage and surge.

Additionally, you need to select the battery bank size and select the inverter to match. Inverter voltage is not field selectable, they are either 12V, 24V, or 48V, they cannot do all of them, just one.

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