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DC AC Power Inverter

P600 inverter is the pure sine wave power inverter with rated power 600w. Convert DC battery power to AC power. Achieve the better life without public power.

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DC AC power inverter


1.Product introduction of the dc ac power inverter

600 Watt pure sine wave inverter with rated power of 600 watts. The aluminum case has stable and reliable structure and excellent heat dissipation.

2.Product specification:

600W pure sine wave power inverter.png3.FAQ

1 When was your company founded?

CARSPA was founded in 2004. We have built power inverters, solar charging controllers, and battery chargers for over ten years, exactly 13 years.


2 What is your production capacity for inverters?

It's about 200,000 units per year.  

Grid connected generation system is a photovoltaic power generation system that is connected to the power grid and conveyed power to the grid. The solar radiation energy received through the photovoltaic module is converted into high voltage DC after high frequency DC conversion. After inverting inverter, the inverter is converted to the grid to output the same frequency and phase sinusoidal current with the grid voltage.

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