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Power Inverter for Fridge

Good quality for the home appliance, especially the inductive load such as fridge, air-conditioner etc.

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Product Details

power inverter for fridge

1.Product introduction of the power inverter for fridge

SK3000 pure sine wave power inverter 300 0W converts AC power to DC power supply, which is suitable for areas with insufficient power or outdoor use. It is a new product developed from pure aluminum shell and blue style, and the appearance design is more high-grade and more high-grade.

2.Product parameter (specification) of power inverter for fridge 

3000W smart pure sine wave power inverter.png3.Product feature and application of power inverter for fridge 

True sine wave output﹙THD<2%﹚

Power ON-OFF remote control

Input & output fully isolation

Load control cooling fan

Advanced microprocessor

Output frequency 50/60Hz switch selectable

Input polarity reverse/under voltage/over voltage protections

Output short circuit/overload/over temperature protections


1: How about the warranty?

   we provide 1.5 and 2 years warranty for different products and whole life  technical support.

2: Do you have your own factory?

Yes, we are professional manufacturer mainly in power inverter for about 13 years. Our factory is located in Yueqing, Zhejiang, China. Welcome you and your representative to visit us!

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