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Car Inverter Damage To The Car Do?
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Car inverter 12V to 220V! Inverter is quite practical, but many people will worry about the car inverter harmful to the battery it! Many people may see the 12V to 220V, so I will not worry about damage to the battery! As long as the car battery is used supplies, more or less will have some impact on the battery, if the operation is not good, the impact on the battery will be even greater! So we only need to find out the correct way to use the inverter, this will reduce the damage to the battery!

The car starts the engine with the aid of the electric energy of the battery, after the engine rotates, the electric motor begins to generate electricity. Part of the power sent to the engine (mainly spark plug) work, stored in excess battery power. When the battery is full, more power is wasted.

Car inverter work, nothing more than two situations: the engine start status and stop status. In the start-up state, the complete use of excess power, the car has no effect; in the stop state, the battery power reserve is used. Battery is always in the charge - consumption - charging - the state of consumption, car inverter consume a little power it does not matter. However, it should be noted that if the power consumption is too long, it should start engine idle turn 10-20 minutes to generate electricity to prevent the battery from running out.

After the flame is not recommended to open the air conditioner, it is too much power consumption, a few minutes you can run out of battery. There are other appliances turn off as little as possible to use. Battery at a loss state, life expectancy will be reduced.