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Difference And Advantage Of Power Inverter And Ordinary UPS Power Supply
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Utilizing the existing DC panel of a power plant or substation, retrofitting a UPS or a power inverter into an uninterruptible power supply provides many advantages over a conventional UPS. "Reliable DC + reliable inverter", can provide more effective equipment for longer protection.

1> DC End The 220VDC / DC110V design, which is based on the existing DC-link or battery pack voltage level, makes use of the existing DC battery in a substation or communication base station to save money and maximize stand-by time. Avoid double investment.

2> Due to the professional maintenance of the battery pack under the above environment, life can be greatly extended.

3> With RS232 / RS485 communication interface to facilitate the background monitoring equipment working conditions.

4> rack design, easy to install cabinet

5> With load capacity, can adapt to a wider range of load requirements, voltage and output waveform more stable.