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Domestic Inverter Rushed Out Of The Country's Three Big Killer
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Relative to the rise of China's battery components industry has just blockbuster glory, the local inverter has always seemed a lot of silence. Made in China has been impressive worldwide panel performance, and entrenched a lot of inverter companies in the country, will not be willing to only do "one side of the Hou" However, who made the dream of domestic inverter rushed out of the country Mean Ming Road?

The main reason for the lack of competitiveness of domestic enterprises

First, the industry is developing later, still need to accumulate time. Photovoltaic inverter is a product with high requirements for long-term operation stability, so it requires more profound technical accumulation.

Second, low-cost competition brings a vicious circle of declining quality. "Brothers at the wall, and a total of foreign aggression," Chinese enterprises often give full play to the first half, although some people claim that the inverter gross margins fell to a certain extent, will stabilize, but the current domestic malicious competition is not tolerated ignore. If technology can not keep up with the price cuts, we can only cut the quality of the products, and ultimately the victims are ourselves.

Third, supporting services can not be taken seriously. Most Chinese inverter market enterprises have turned their attention to sales breakthroughs. However, the developed countries in Europe and so on have just valued the ancillary services of a product, especially the after-sale protection. As global inverter giant SMA is now committed to improving its after-sales system, especially in the field of service and warranty.

Fourth, the access mechanism is not standardized, the market standard is difficult to unify, leading to mixed use, hindering the development of the industry. Small-scale inverter industry, low barriers to entry, many do not have the relevant qualifications or R & D capabilities of companies come into a rush, low-quality low-cost products suddenly rampant, seriously disrupting the market order. Although these speculators will be cleared out in the reshuffle of the industry, if we improve the review mechanism at the very beginning, will it not reduce unnecessary resistance to the development of the industry in the future?