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Inverter And Generator Parallel Control Provide The Technical Basis For An Independent Power System
- Jan 11, 2018 -

With the development of new energy technologies, more and more independent power systems in remote mountainous regions and islands are increasingly adopting hybrid power supply methods of new energy power generation equipment and diesel generators.

Aiming at the function requirement of separate supply of new energy inverters and parallel supply of diesel generators in such systems, the voltage source control is adopted when the inverters are supplied separately and the current source control is used in parallel with the diesel generator. Inverter control mode switching and diesel generator quasi-contemporaneous parallel control strategy to solve the inverter and diesel generator parallel control process, electromagnetic transient time domain simulation and 1: 1 prototype physical experiments show that the control The effectiveness of the strategy.

An independent power system refers to a power system that operates independently in a region isolated from a large power grid and is often used in remote mountainous areas and isolated islands. The traditional independent power system adopts the rotary power generation device such as a diesel generating set and a light gas turbine generating set, which suffers from the disadvantages of large noise, environmental pollution and difficulties in supplying fuel in remote areas.

With the development of new energy power generation technology, more and more independent power systems adopt new energy power generation devices such as wind energy and solar energy to supply power alone or in parallel with traditional generators to supply power to load to improve power generation economy and reduce environmental pollution , To enhance self-sufficiency in remote areas power supply.

However, there are big differences between inverter and generator in voltage and frequency control methods, output port impedance characteristics, mechanical and electrical inertia, anti-interference ability and other aspects, resulting in the inverter and generator parallel control more difficult, the traditional inverse Parallel converter, grid control strategy is difficult to solve the parallel inverter and generator control issues. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out research on the parallel control strategy of inverter and generator to provide technical basis for the operation and control of independent power system based on new energy power generation.