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Inverter Red Light Flash Alarm What Is The Reason
- Jan 11, 2018 -

1, the rated power of the inverter exceeds the rated power of the inverter;

2, the electrical power is less than the nominal power inverter, the peak power is too high, causing overload shutdown;

3, battery power finished (inverter alarm);

4, poor ventilation, causing over-temperature shutdown;

5, the input voltage is too high.


1, the use of power less than the nominal power inverter appliances;

2, the electrical peak power exceeds the peak inverter power, the use of peak power and inverter power consistent electrical appliances;

3, charge or replace the battery;

4, turn off the inverter, cooling for 15 minutes, clear the fan and the converter around the items, the inverter placed in a cool place, reduce the load required to restart;

5, check the working status of the charging system, the battery output voltage 12V.