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Line Interactive UPS Inverter Features Function
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Line interactive UPS inverter in the main AC power under normal circumstances is not to the load output power, in hot backup state, which is its fundamental difference with the backup UPS. The inverter can transmit power in both directions. Therefore, the inverter can take charge of the battery at the same time, increase the charging power capacity of the UPS when the mains is normal, and reduce the conversion time when the utility power is off. In the circuit structure form, it belongs to parallel power adjustment mode, the output power more than 5kVA.

automatic switch

When the mains is normal, the switch is on; when the mains fails, the switch is automatically turned off to prevent the inverter from feeding back to the power grid.

Automatic regulator

With mains supply, you can roughly regulate and absorb some of the grid interference. The voltage regulator and reserve the roughly the same way, the more use of the transformer tap changer, the input voltage is high when the transformer buck, the input voltage is low when the transformer boost, the output voltage regulation accuracy of 5% to 10%.


The inverter has a bidirectional conversion function, AC / DC rectifier for mains supply, battery charging; mains power to DC / AC inverter, battery-powered, UOS continue to supply power. The output voltage waveform can also be quasi-sinusoidal, but due to the large output power, the load may have a device that requires the input voltage to be a sine wave. Therefore, the inverter output voltage of the line interactive UPS is mostly a sine wave.

Input and output high-frequency filter

Anti-grid voltage high frequency (differential mode and common mode) interference. When the electricity is normal, the working efficiency is very high, up to 98 or more.

The input power factor and input current harmonic components depend on the nature of the load and do not themselves interfere with the additional harmonics of the grid.

Mains normal output power, adapt to a variety of impedance properties of the load, the load current crest factor, surge factor, output power factor and overload capacity, there is no strict restrictions. Output voltage accuracy and stability are poor, but can meet the general load power requirements.

Inverter directly connected to the UPS output, and in hot backup state, the input voltage spike fluctuations have a certain inhibitory effect. Circuit is simple, low cost, high reliability. Converter also has a charging function, and its charge capacity is stronger than the backup type.