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Promote The Improvement Of Photovoltaic Efficiency By Technological Progress
- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to carry out technological innovation in renewable energy to promote cost reduction? In the past two years, the photovoltaic industry has made a lot of efforts to push forward the cost reduction. The National Energy Administration introduced the Top Runner Program to promote the development of photovoltaic with high efficiency and high quality, and further phased out backward production capacity ; Enterprises also continue to carry out technological innovation, reduce electricity costs, and strive to parity online. How Photovoltaic Goes Against Other Species Energy? Reduce Cost of Electricity! From now till now, including the future, all PV people are committed to reducing their PV costs.

Li Zhenguo, President of Longji, Coincident Chairman Shu Hua, Vice President Crystal Jing and Vestas China Public Relations Director Sun Yang discussed this topic.

"The ultimate goal of reducing the cost of electricity is to achieve parity online, and the most important thing is two points: efficient and reliable!" Li said in his speech: "Component efficiency is the most important way to reduce the cost of electricity. The added value is not just what we normally know about saving land, saving stents, saving BOS costs such as labor, and increasing the efficiency of the components themselves, but also reducing the cost of glass, etc., to the border per watt. "He further Pointed out: "In the next three years, the output power of 60 conventional components will reach 340 W." On the other hand, high reliability is often easily overlooked, ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire life cycle of photovoltaic power plants and prolonging the service life, as well as further sharing the cost of photovoltaic ; In addition, the attenuation problem, LID phenomenon to solve the optimization, will bring electricity cost reduction.

"All costs are reduced based on technology research and development and technological innovation, research and development must be the main method of technological progress." Li Zhenguo said, "Longji shares adhere to the single crystal line every year 5% to 7% of sales revenue into research and development, upgrading technology Strength and cost reduction.Only a single crystal, for example, the cost is now reduced to 1/4 6 years ago, quickly pushed down the cost of electricity.Promote the cost of PV is the mission of every PV people, as Li Zhenguo said, "Nowadays, developing new energy is not only the responsibility of the industry, but also the responsibility of all mankind.