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The Difference Between Power Frequency Inverter And High Frequency Inverter
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Comparing the two kinds of inverters, it can be seen that the power inverter with the same power is far more powerful than the high-frequency machine. The high-frequency inverter has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, low no-load load but not full load Perceptual load, and poor overload.

The working principle of the two circuits is different, high-frequency circuit is more complicated. Frequency machine and high frequency machine is based on the inverter design circuit to distinguish the working frequency. The difference is that:

(1) In terms of reliability, the power frequency machine is superior to the high frequency machine Frequency machine using thyristor (SCR) rectifier, the technology after half a century of development and innovation, has been very mature, its resistance to current impact is very strong . As SCR is a semi-control device, there will be no pass-through, false triggering and other faults. In contrast, high-frequency IGBT inverter used in the high-frequency rectifier despite the higher switching frequency, but the work of IGBT has a strict voltage and current work area, lower impact resistance. Therefore IGBT rectifier is lower than SCR rectifier in terms of overall reliability.

(2) In terms of environmental adaptability, the high-frequency machine is better than the frequency machine High-frequency machine is a microprocessor as a processing control center, the complicated hardware analog circuit is burned in the microprocessor, the software program To control the operation of the UPS. Therefore, the volume, weight, etc. are significantly reduced, the noise is also small, little impact on space and environment, so more suitable for less demanding office reliability requirements. Because of this, many manufacturers of medium and small power UPS generally introduced high-frequency machine.

(3) In the load on the zero voltage requirements, the frequency machine is better than the high-frequency machine high-power three-phase high-frequency machine zero line rectifier will be introduced and as the positive and negative bus neutral point, this structure is inevitable Resulting in rectifier and inverter high-frequency harmonic coupling in the zero line, raising the zero voltage, resulting in zero voltage ground terminal load, it is difficult to meet IBM, HP and other server manufacturers on the ground voltage is less than 1V site needs. In addition, in the mains and alternator switching, high frequency machine often due to lack of zero line must be diverted to bypass work under certain conditions may cause a major load flash off the fault. Power frequency machine because the rectifier does not need zero line to participate in the work, in the zero line disconnect, UPS can maintain normal power supply.