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12 24V Charge Controller LCD

High efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, good for the solar power system.

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Product Details

12 24V charge controller LCD

1.Product introduction of the 12 24V charge controller LCD

30A MPPT solar charge controller charges different types of battery with the solar power from panels.

2.Product parameter (specification) of 12 24V charge controller LCD



System voltage

12/24V auto. switch

Max. charging current


Charge mode


Max. PV input voltage


Float charge


Bulk charge


Equalization charge


LCD display

Battery voltage; PV charge current; Load discharge current; total PV charge Ah; total PV discharge Ah; the setting of constant voltage charging; the setting of low voltage disconnect; the setting of low reconnect

Battery type

Gel, AGM, or Lithium battery


24 months






Gift box; 12pcs/23.8Kgs/CTN; 58.5*23*45cm

Packing list

1 * 30A MPPT solar charge controller;

1 * User Manual;

The working principle of MPPT is: within a specified period, the microprocessor actively adjusts the duty cycle D of the PWM periodically to change the output current of the solar cell, thereby arching the output voltage of the solar cell, detecting the output voltage of the solar cell and Output current, calculate the output power of the solar array, and then find the position of the maximum power point according to the maximum power point tracking strategy.

Characteristics of solar array

The output characteristic of the solar cell array is different from that of the standard DC power supply. The output curve of the solar cell is a smooth curve, and the output curve of the standard power supply is rectangular.

The main parameters for determining the output curve of solar cells are: Voc open circuit voltage, LSC short-circuit current and Pmax peak power.

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