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20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

10A 12 24V auto MPPT solar charge controller

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Product Details

20A MPPT solar charge controller

1.Product introduction of the 20A MPPT solar charge controller

MPPT series solar charging controller is highly efficient. It is affected by the ambient temperature and sunlight intensity, intelligently detects the voltage of the solar panel, and adjusts the output voltage of the solar panel to operate at the maximum power point of the V-A curve.

2.Product parameter (specification) of 20A MPPT solar charge controller



Nominal voltage

12/24V DC

Max. charging current


Battery type





24 months






Gift box; 18pcs/16.2Kgs/CTN; 41.5*40*27cm

Packing list

1 * 12/24V 10A Controller;

1 * User Manual;

Spare fuse

3.Product feature and application of 20A MPPT solar charge controller

-Tracking efficiency is almost reach 99%

-LCD digital display clearly shows the working status in every stage

-Monitor and control the working status of the system and the battery

-Applicable for many types of Lead acid batteries

-Step up function enable it to charge when PV voltage as low as 10V/20VDC

The control has automatic protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, overload, reverse connection and short circuit. Overcharge has a great influence on the life of the battery and may cause the explosion and permanent damage of the battery; an example is used to make the image. 

For example, the battery can be used about 800 times in the battery discharge depth of about 70%. The discharge depth is about 600 times in the ring of the battery, and the discharge depth is 30%. The left and right batteries can be used around 300 times. If the discharge depth is 10% or less, the battery can be used in 100 times without affecting the life of the battery. The overload is self protection to the controller itself; the reverse connection will damage the solar panel, the battery and the load, which will cause the fire and the explosion when it is serious; short circuit is the name for the name. All the components in the short circuit will be damaged, and it is likely to cause a fire accident. All the damage above is huge, so the above problems can be avoided by using the controller.

The controller uses maximum power point tracking technology to extract the largest power from the solar array and charge the battery. The maximum power point tracking mode is completely automatic without user adjustment. When the maximum power point of the array varies with the environment, the Tracer controller automatically tracks the maximum power point of the array to ensure the maximum energy from the solar array for one day.
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