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MPPT Charge Controller without LCD

MPPT1224-20 solar charge controller is an Maximum Power Point Tracking solar charge controller which is totally developed and designed by our R&D team.

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Product Details

MPPT charge controller without LCD

1.Product introduction of the MPPT charge controller without LCD

MPPT12/24-20 is a 20A MPPT type solar charge controller,it adopts maximum power point tracking technology,efficiency could reach 99%,compact casing makes it lighter aluminum casing.

2.Product parameter (specification) of MPPT charge controller without LCD



Nominal voltage

12/24V auto. switch

Max.Charging current


Battery type





24 months






Gift box

Packing list

1*10A Solar Charge Controller,1*User Manual

3.Product feature and application of MPPT charge controller without LCD

-The classical model of MPPT is aluminum casing,silver colour.The aluminum material and the intelligent cooling fan guarantee good heat dissipating,free you from the worry about overheat on product.

-Tracking efficiency is high as 99%,the solar power has never been used so efficiently.

-LCD digital display function offers a convenience to understand the working status in every stage timely,and it is possible to monitor and control the working status of the system and the battery as you wish.

-After many times of technology improvement,MPPT controller has become the backbone of CARSPA brand.And to meet the widely demand of the customers,carspa team has developed a controller which can charge Li-thium battery combining technology of MPPT and casing design of ENS series products,which opens up a broader space for opening market for CARSPA brand.

 the daily irradiance shifts from the horizon to the horizon can cause output power to change throughout the day. The maximum peak power point tracking technology (MPPT) of the solar panel can charge the battery with the highest energy efficiency. As a charging controller with different topologies supporting buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback, MPPT is optimized for high-frequency primary-side control operation, with pulse-by-pulse current limiting and two-way synchronization. The MPPT function provided by this device can locate the maximum power point and adjust it in real time according to the environmental conditions, so that the controller can keep close to the maximum power point to extract the maximum power from the solar panel and provide the best energy efficiency. In addition, this product also features soft start, over voltage, and undervoltage protection.

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