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20A Solar Charge Controller

20A 12 24V auto PWM low self consumption battery charge controller

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20A solar charge controller

1.Product introduction of the 20A solar charge controller

The CD12 / 24-20 is compact designed mini solar charge controller,its weight is light only 224g,Din rail supporting,you could install it in series.

2.Product parameters of 20A solar charge controller

20A solar charge controller.png

3.Product feature and application of 20A solar charge controller 

-3 LED indicators: solar power availability,charge status,fault indicator;

-Maximum 16 sq.mm connecting terminals.

-Fully electronically protected: Panel surge voltage, reverse polarity, overload and short circuit at load.

-The melting fuse of the prodecessor has been replaced by a fully electronically protected circuit.

-Selectable charging model (Gel & Sealed battery type).

-Reverse blocking MOSFET.

-Common positive allows grounding.

-Applicable to AGM,GEL battery. With PV and battery reverse polarity protection, overload protection, short circuit protection function etc.


1.How long will it take to develop a new product?

Usually it takes about 60days to develop a new product.

2.What is the warranty of this solar charge controller?

You needn't to worry about the product quality cause we could provide 24 months warranty,during this period,you can send it back to us for free reparing.

3.How can i use this solar charge controller,can i use it to charge my lithium battery?

This solar charge controller suits all lead acid battery,if you want to charge the lithium battery,you can have a try our MPPT solar charge controller,you could use this solar charge controller as the user manual in the packaging box.

4.Can i have a try a few samples firstly and how can i buy it?

Please contact our sales for more information or leave your message below,we will contact with you within 24 hours.

5.The difference between PWM and MPPT solar charge controller


The PWM charge controller is a good low cost solution for small systems only, when solar cell temperature is moderate to high (between 45°C and 75°C).


To fully exploit the potential of the MPPT controller, the array voltage should be substantially higher than the battery voltage. The MPPT controller is the solution of choice for higher power systems (because of the lowest overall system cost due to smaller cable cross sectional areas). The MPPT controller will also harvest substantially more power when the solar cell temperature is low (below 45°C), or very high (above 75°C), or when irradiance is very low.

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