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Battery Charge Controller

12/24V system voltage auto recognition and switch, designed in 3 appearances with different materials and colors according to different voltage and current.

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battery charge controller

1.Product introduction of the battery charge controller

This is one 10A solar charge controller,its working principle is PWM that is Pulse Width Modulation technology,its charging efficiency reaches 80%,the case of this solar charge controller is made by high strengh ABS,so it has good performance in waterproof,it is suitable for all lead acid battery,but if you want to charge lithium battery,you will need our MPPT type solar charge controller.

2.Product parameter (specification) of battery charge controller

10A PWM solar charge controller.png3.Product feature and application of battery charge controller 

-Small size to install to everywhere in your home or your DIY solar generator but charging efficiency is high which can reaches 80% from the PV array;

-Suitable for all types lead acid batteries;

-Two bright LED indicator can show different status of the battery,one is for PV array,another is for battery capacity,easy to extinguish and get information;

-2 years warranty is available,no need to worry the after-sale service;

-Wall-mounted installation methods

Tips to buy a suitable solar charge controller by yourself:

What is difference between PWM and MPPT solar charge controller?

The difference between these two types of controllers is that the PWM is not as efficient the MPPT. The MPPT is the most common these days and can gain you up to 30% more power than the PWM controllers. The MPPT controllers also allow the strings of panels to be connected in series for higher voltages, keeping the amperage lower and the wire size smaller, especially for long-wire runs to the PV array,but generally the PWM solar charg controlle is cheaper than MPPT type.

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