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Charge Controller

Easy to set up and operate. Suitable for small solar energy system.

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Product Details

charge controller

1.Product introduction of the charge controller

24/48V Automatic 50A Solar Charge Controller The LCD display is a PWM solar charge controller. The battery is charged efficiently through solar panels.

2.Product parameter (specification) of charge controller



System voltage

24/48V auto. switch

Max. charging current


Charge mode


Max. PV input voltage


Float charge


Bulk charge


Equalization charge


LCD display

Battery voltage; PV charge current; Load discharge current; total PV charge Ah; total PV discharge Ah; the setting of constant voltage charging; the setting of low voltage disconnect; the setting of low reconnect

Battery type

Gel, AGM, other Lead acid battery


24 months






Gift box; 18pcs/16.8Kgs/CTN;  41.5*40*27 cm

Packing list

1 * 50A Solar charge controller;

1 * User Manual;

3.Product feature and application of charge controller 

24/48V automatic recognition.

LCD screen with all settable specs. 

Protection: reverse polarity, over current, short circuit, over temperature, lightning

Support gel and lead acid sealed batteries.

PWM is a very effective technology to control analog circuits using the digital output of microprocessors. It is widely used in many fields from measurement, communication to power control and transformation. The charging method not only follows the charge acceptance rate inherent in the battery, but also improves the charging acceptance rate of the battery, which is also the further development of the battery charging theory.

Pulse width modulation (PWM) means to control the duty ratio of the signal by adjusting the switching time of the switch at a fixed clock frequency, thus realizing the adjustment of the output voltage. In fact, a DC voltage is changed by switching at a certain frequency and closing the switch to control the voltage.
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