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Controller High Efficiency

ENC24/48-30D with dual connection for solar panel make it more stable during working.

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Product Details

controller high efficiency   

1.General product description:

ENS24/48-30D is new design with LCD display,it has one main window and seven sub-window which showed all kinds of working status,like battery voltage,PV charge current,load discharge current,total PV charge Ah,total PV discharge Ah ect..

2.Product specifications:

30A PWM solar charge controller with LCD display.png3.Product features:

ENC24/48-30D could be used in 24V system and 48V system both, the highest rated power of the system could work is 1440w.

4.Explanations of the different protections:

1. Solar cell reverse polarity protection: The solar cell ten-polarity is reversed and can be used after correction;

2. Battery open circuit protection: In case of open battery, if the solar battery is normally charged, the controller will limit the voltage across the load to ensure that the load is not damaged, if at night or when the solar battery is not charging, the controller has its own Without power, there will be no action; 3. Overcharge protection: When the charging voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the battery is automatically shut down and charged. Afterwards, when the voltage drops to the maintenance voltage, the battery enters the floating charge state. When it is lower than the recovery voltage, the float charge closes and enters the equal charge state. Overcharge protection recovery point voltage and float voltage have temperature compensation;

4. Low battery protection: When the battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage, the controller automatically closes the output to protect the battery from damage;

5. Overvoltage protection: When the voltage is too high, the output will be automatically turned off to protect the electrical equipment from damage. Overcharge, overdischarge, and overvoltage protection are all delayed actions to prevent malfunction.

6. Temperature compensation function;

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