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PV Charge Controller

ENS12/24-20 solar charge controller is a PWM solar charge controller.

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Product Details

PV charge controller

1.Product introduction of the PV charge controller

ENS12/24-20 is a compact 20A PWM solar charge controller, simple appearance, CE RoHS certificated, quality is reliable. This series product product is 12/24V system voltage auto recognition and switch. It is designed in 3 appearance with different materials and colours according to different voltage and current.

2.Product parameters of PV charge controller

20A PWM solar charge controller without LCD display.png3.Product advantages: 

-12/24V automatic recognition.

-High efficient series PWM charging, increase the battery lifetime and improve the solar system performance.

-Use new MOSFET as electronic switch, no mechanical switch.

-GEL and lead acid sealed battery type support.

-Complete protections.

-Automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system.

4.More details of this solar charge controller:

a). the voltage of the solar panel can be automatically detected if the voltage is higher than the battery voltage, if the battery voltage is lower than the battery voltage, the charge can not be opened, otherwise the battery current will reverse to the solar panel and cause the lighting loss. It

b). when the battery voltage is lower than 10.8V, the load is automatically shut down (under voltage shutdown), and the alarm function is provided.
c). when the battery voltage is higher than 14.5V, the load (overvoltage off) and charging circuit are automatically turned off, and the alarm function is also provided.
d). when the battery is in the charging state of floating charge, the voltage value is controlled at about 13.5V.
e). when the user connects the solar panel to the controller, it has the function of protecting the controller from being destroyed.
f). when users connect the battery to the controller, it has the function of alarm and has the function of protecting the controller from being destroyed.  

5.How do Charge Controllers work?

Power generation solar power plants, wind power plants, tidal power plants, fuel cells, etc., are intermittent in nature, which means these power sources are not producing electricity constantly and at any moment of the day.

For that reason they require a battery for storage of electricity.

The battery does not perform any modification or transformation of the electrical current; it simply stores it.

Whenever electricity is not available, the stored charge inside the battery is used to provide power to the loads.

Batteries are almost always installed with a charge controller. As the name implies, a charge controller is an electronic module, which controls the amount of charge ente

ring and exiting the battery.Charge controllers are installed for optimum and most efficient performance of the battery, and to protect the battery from over- and undercharging.


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