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PWM Controller for Solar System

LCD digital display function offers a convenience to understand the working status in every stage timely, and it is possible to monitor and control the working status of the system and the battery as you wish.

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Product Details

PWM  controller for solar system

1.Product introduction of the PWM controller for solar system

This is one 50A PWM solar charge controller,it has a big and clear LCD display which can show the status of the battery and PV array,generally the conversion efficiency is 80% or above,there are 4 buttons on this solar charge controller,it could let you check the data by pages,and easy to operate.

2.Product parameter (specification) of PWM controller for solar system

50A PWM solar charge controller with LCD display.png

3.Product features:

-12/24 automatically detected;

-ABS shell with alluminum base,beatiful appearance;

-Use imported MOSFET from US or Taiwan as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch;

-Suitable for all lead acid batteries.

4.Informations of the solar charge controller

As a key component of photovoltaic power generation system, the short life of battery is one of the main reasons that impede the performance and promotion of the whole PV system. According to the working principle of the battery and the actual application, the main factors that affect the life of the lead-acid battery in the photovoltaic power generation system include the setting of the charging voltage, the setting of the control point of the over and discharge, the temperature and the operating environment. Based on these factors, the limitations of common battery charging and discharging methods are analyzed, and the charging and discharging modes are improved.\

Spending money on a quality charge controller is a good investment

Without any doubt, a quality charge controller will protect and increase the battery life of your solar system and also helps in monitoring and quick troubleshooting.

When using the right charge controller the lifetime of your battery bank can easily be extended with several months.

As a charge controller only accounts for a small portion of the overall solar system cost, it's highly recommended to purchase a quality charge controller.

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