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PWM Solar Charge Controller

PWM solar charge controller is economical and safe regulator for all kinds of off grid solar system.

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Product Details

PWM solar charge controller

1.Product describtion of the PWM solar charge controller

PWM solar charge controller is key component in an off-grid solar power system,this is an 24/48V automactically detected solar charge controller,you could connect more than 1900W capacity solar panels to this solar regulator.

2.Product parameters

40A PWM solar charge controller.png

3.Product feature and application of PWM solar charge controller

- 24 / 48 volt automatic recognition.

- High efficiency PWM charging, up 85% efficiency,obiviously expand the battery lifetime

- Using advanced MOSFET as core component to improve product quality,

- LCD display show different data about the battery and solar panel status,

- Protection: reverse polarity, over current, short circuit, overheating, lightning, current defects.

- Suitable for all lead acid batteries,

- Protection grade:IP22

What is PWM?

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is the most effective means to achieve constant voltage battery charging by switching the solar system controller's power devices. When in PWM regulation, the current from the solar array tapers according to the battery's condition and recharging needs.

Charging a battery with a solar system is a unique and difficult challenge. In the "old days", simple on-off regulators were used to limit battery outgassing when a solar panel produced excess energy. However, as solar systems matured it became clear how much these simple devices interfered with the charging process. The history for on-off regulators has been early battery failures, increasing load disconnects, and growing user dissatisfaction. PWM has recently surfaced as the first significant advance in solar battery charging. PWM solar chargers use technology similar to other modern high quality battery chargers. When a battery voltage reaches the regulation setpoint, the PWM algorithm slowly reduces the charging current to avoid heating and gassing of the battery, yet the charging continues to return the maximum amount of energy to the battery in the shortest time. The result is a higher charging efficiency, rapid recharging, and a healthy battery at full capacity. In addition, this new method of solar battery charging promises some very interesting and unique benefits from the PWM pulsing.

Are all PWM chargers the same? 

Buyer beware! Many solar charge controllers that simply switch FETs differently than the on-off algorithm claim to be a PWM charger. Only a few controllers are actually using a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) constant voltage charging algorithm. The rest are switching FETs with various algorithms that are cheaper and less effective

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