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Solar Charge Controller for RV

15A 12 24V auto PWM low self consumption battery charge controller

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solar charge controller for rv

1.Product introduction of the solar charge controller for rv

This is our 15A PWM solar charge controller, it has simple appearance, quality is reliable, with range of 0-100% can charge the battery quickly and stably under any condition of solar photovoltaic system, automatically recognize the system rated voltage when start up.

2.Product parameter (specification) of solar charge controller for rv

15A PWM solar charge controller.png
3.Product advantages of solar charge controller for RV

- 12/24 automatic identification.

- High-efficiency series PWM charging increases battery life and improves solar system performance.

- Use MOSFET as electronic switch without any mechanical switch.

- Tantalum and lead-acid sealed battery types are optional.

- Electronic protection: overheating, overcharge, overdischarge, overload and short circuit.

- Reverse polarity protection: Any combination of solar modules and batteries.

- Use temperature compensation to automatically correct charge and discharge parameters to extend battery life.

At present, there are various solar controllers on the market, but the main problems of these controllers are insufficient for battery protection. Improper charging and discharging methods can easily lead to damage of the battery and reduce the service life of the battery. At present, the battery charging methods commonly used by the controller include three types: constant current charging method, phase charging method, and constant voltage charging method. However, these methods have some limitations due to the single charging method and the incomplete control strategy. On the other hand, when the battery supplies power to the load, since the controller cannot detect the voltage of the battery at all times, the overdischarge of the battery is likely to occur, which will result in deep discharge of the battery and seriously affect its life.

   Therefore, how to improve the charging and discharging modes of the solar charging controller, developing a charge-discharge controller with excellent performance, and improving its efficiency in practical applications has become an important research aspect.

Advice for your buying the solar charge controllers:

When picking a charge controller there are a few steps that you must follow to make sure that you get the right controller for the job. The best thing that you can do is to use the manufacturer’s sizing tools that are offered on their web sites. The other option is to give the manufacturer a call — their salespeople will usually be happy to help you to pick the best controller.

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